Meet Bron

Rapid Transformational Therapist. Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach. 

  • The Beginning

    I started my RTT journey by being an RTT client. 

    I felt such a huge change and I felt so wonderfully transformed that I decided that my path was to be a Rapid Transformational Therapist.


    Shortly after that I was trained by Marisa Peer, the founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy, in her first Sydney Australia training in 2018.


    I left the world of law to work with clients and transform their lives in a wonderful, powerful and permanent way. 


    My work has grown to working with clients from all over the world, from all walks of life and with all different issues that sets them free. 

Brene Brown says
“To get in the game of Life you have to be vulnerable!”

  • The realisation

    I found myself in this place in early 2018. Law no longer made my heart sing.  But what did? I had no idea!

    Then there are the nay sayers, who are so popular in Australia. Those wonderful people who show you all the obstacles to your dream, to your vision for your life.


    Then there are those people who tell you “You can’t have it all!” My answer is “Why not?” “Because no one has it all” is the response. I say “That’s not true some people have it all, and if I don’t try how do I know I can’t have it all?”


    So how do we increase our self confidence? How do we increase our self esteem? How do we block the nay sayers? How do we let go of any wealth blocks? How do we find our life purpose?

    Finding your life’s purpose seems daunting. We choose our career at 18 and by 40 or 50 so many of us want to change paths. We want to find something that makes our heart sing again. Or for some a path that makes our heart sing for the first time .

So I looked at all my friends careers and chatted to them about what they did and what they loved. One by one I checked them all with a HUGE NO! So that didn’t help.


I went back to basics…… what did I still love in my life? 


  My cats, my friends, my spiritual beliefs and I’d always been interested in Hypnotherapy.


I remembered that when I was a kid I’d wanted to be a Doctor and then I remembered that I couldn’t even dissect a rat at school, so that was out.


Yet I still loved the medical sphere.

  • Fate Stepped In

    A friend sent me a free hypnotherapy session with Marissa Peer.

     I had never heard of Marisa Peer. I thought why not do the hypnotherapy session after all it was free and it may help me move forward. I did the session and over the next few days the funk I was in started to lift. So I bought the course that she was promoting at the time.


    After 3 weeks of the 8 week course I was in love.


    OMG I have to do this, I have to help people feel this great. Does this lady teach Hypnotherapy. I found she had a course in LA the following October. I emailed requesting a place on the course. I had no idea how I was going to take time out of my business but trusted that the universe would arrange it for me as this was my life’s path. I received an email back saying that as I lived in Sydney would I prefer to do the Sydney course in November. Hell yeah!

And so my new career was born that made my heart sing again! At first people thought I was crazy leaving a lucrative career. Other people thought I was courageous. I didn’t care what people said, my answer is always the same “What is happiness worth?”


Let’s Transform Your Life together!

“As a lawyer, you were exceptional. You are a wise guide, consummate professional and worthy adversary. Our profession has lost one of our brightest stars with your career change.


Having said that, I can think of no better person to help others reach their truest potential. You have always been honest, forthright and encouraging.


To any potential client of Bron, know she’s the real thing. She’s guided me in difficult times and she’s a truly talented soul.”


Meryl came to see me to give up smoking.


She had just retired from a demanding and stressful job and wanted to enjoy her retirement smoke free.


“Hi Bron. Just got back from OS, sorry I didn’t ring you before I left, but the good news is I haven’t had a cigarette for 31 days and feeling good.


It’s been much easier than I though.


Hope you are well and Thankyou for everything.”


Belinda came to see me as she wanted to start her new business but was really self conscious about promoting herself.


“Bronwyn is an exceptional therapist who helped me overcome my confidence and visibility blocks.


During the session we got to the root cause of what was holding me up from progressing with my projects and discovering this allowed me to be free of it.

It's been 2 weeks and I’m already seeing the results. Bel.”


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